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  • Yes, you will need to move all of your furniture and any large, standing appliances that you would like us to refinish under. We typically refer our clients to Starving Artists Movers if they’re unable to move themselves.

  • No. We use a dustless sanding method to collect dust directly from our sanding equipment which we will take with us and dispose of.  Before we begin the process, our employees will use plastic and drop tarps to contain the work area from the rest of the home as much as possible. It isn’t possible to contain all dust, but what is left over will be minimal.

  • The time a job takes varies widely based on the complexity of the work, but we do our best to estimate this during our initial visit to you. For small projects (less than 400 square feet), a sand and refinish typically takes 2-4 days. For medium size projects (400-1,000 square feet), a sand and refinish typically takes 3-6 days). For larger projects, clients should expect a sand and refinish process to take no less than one week.


    A buff and coat maintenance process is a 1-2 day process almost regardless of square footage.

  • We typically recommend that our customers try to be away during the time we’re refinishing their floors. The noise, smell and invasiveness of the work can make for a difficult home environment. In the case of a single room or small job, customers can often stay home during the accelerated process with the caveat that the area being refinished needs to be cordoned off and not walked over at any point during the process by family or animals.

  • Typically, the floor can be walked on after 24 hours from final coating. However, poly can take up to 30 days to fully cure. After 3 days, most poly will be 80% cured, and it is usually safe to start moving furniture back in at that point. It is not recommended that area rugs be put back for at least a week.

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